The easiest way to send push notifications to your device.

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There is no registration required.
Download the app to get your unique Simplepush key.
With the free tier you have 10 notifications per month.
Upgrade for $3,99/year to get unlimited notifications, unlimited events and unlimited keys.
Use your Simplepush key to send notifications to your device.
Sending a push notification to your device is as simple as a HTTP request.

~ $ curl ' easy'

~ $ curl --data 'key=HuxgBB&title=Wow&msg=So easy'


You can define custom ringtones and vibration patterns by defining events. An incoming notification can ring and vibrate as specified in an event.

Defining events in the Events section is very simple.
Just add a new event and specify an event id, a ringtone and a vibration pattern. Then you can apply your event to notifications by appending the event id to your API call as shown in the following example.

~ $ curl ' dong/event/Doorbell'

~ $ curl --data 'key=HuxgBB&msg=Ding dong&event=Doorbell'


Activate end-to-end encryption by defining a password in the Encryption section.
Encrypted notifications are safe from eavesdropping by involved service providers like Google or Amazon. We use AES-CBC-128-bit for encryption.
If you want to send encrypted notifications take a look at our libraries.
We also provide a bash script which enables you to send encrypted notification from your shell.


Sending automated push notifications from your applications has never been easier.
All libraries include functions for sending encrypted push notifications.

  • Bash
    ~ $ git clone
    ~ $ sh -k HuxgBB -p password -s salt -t title -m message -e event
  • Python
    ~ $ pip install simplepush
    from simplepush import send, send_encrypted

    # Send notification
    send("HuxgBB", "title", "message", "event")

    # Send encrypted notification
    send_encrypted("HuxgBB", "password", "salt", "title", "message", "event")
  • ESP8266 (Arduino)

    Get library and example sketch here

    #include <Simplepush.h>

    Simplepush simple;

    // Send unencrypted notification
    simple.send("HuxgBB", "title", "message", "event");
    simple.send("HuxgBB", "title", "no event", NULL);
    simple.send("HuxgBB", NULL, "no event and no title", NULL);

    // Send encrypted notification
    simple.sendEncrypted("HuxgBB", "password", "salt", "title", "message", "event");
    simple.sendEncrypted("HuxgBB", "password", "salt", "title", "no event", NULL);
    simple.sendEncrypted("HuxgBB", "password", "salt", NULL, "no event and no title", NULL);
  • Go
    ~ $ go get
    package main

    import ""

    func main() {
      // Send notification
      simplepush.Send(simplepush.Message{"HuxgBB", "title", "message", "event", false, "", ""})
      // Send encrypted notification
      simplepush.Send(simplepush.Message{"HuxgBB", "title", "message", "event", true, "password", "salt"})
  • PHP
    ~ $ php composer.phar require simplepush/simplepush-php
    // Send notification
    Simplepush::send("HuxgBB", "title", "message", "event");
    // Send encrypted notification
    Simplepush::send_encrypted("HuxgBB", "password", "salt", "title", "message", "event");
  • Java
    // build.gradle
    // Add jcenter repository
    repository {

    dependencies {
      compile 'io.simplepush:notification:1.0.0'
    import io.simplepush.Notification;

    // Send notification
    Notification.send("HuxgBB", "title", "message");
    // Send encrypted notification
    Notification.sendEncrypted("HuxgBB", "title", "message", "event", "password", "salt");
  • Your language is missing?

    Email us and let us know which language you would like to see supported.